Monday, May 17, 2010

Suspiciously Positive

Hey ya''s been a while since I blogged, but here I am again! Things are going well...I'm working on my album, still doing the radio show, working, started an awesome open mic at the Front Page in Dupont is good. I could really use a, ALL the time...but other than that, I have no complaints.

I've been sucked in by the black hole named Twitter, and have become one of those people that tweets through life. I'm not quite as bad as those that bid good morning and goodnight to the tweeple in twitterville, but I'm definitely one that will tweet about any and every little thing that crosses my mind, i.e. wondering why I love tacos so much. Lately, I've noticed something that's a bit disturbing, and I was actually surprised that I was disturbed, lol. I was seriously bothered by the hate that people tweet. I LOVE the funny tweets, and can't get enough of the twitpics of new hairstyles, sleeping children/pets; play by play of bathroom showdowns (that might just be me, lol); the creative ways in which people express their disdain for their jobs/bosses, etc. The convenience of being able to easily locate a group of friends when trying to make your next move on a night out, is invaluable, i.e. "You Street". I didn't exactly make it out anywhere this Friday night, but Saturday morning, I scrolled through my timeline to see what folks were up to. I was seriously turned off by the amount of tweets about negative stuff. One of my "friends" tweeted incessantly about what seemed to be EVERY person in the club where she was. She critiqued everything from their hair, nails, outfit, drink selections, dance moves, how they stood on the wall, choice of cologne, and even method of payment at the bar!! I almost rolled my eyes out of my head! I wanted to tweet something about positivity, and how we should uplift one another instead of always finding ways to tear each other down, but it just seemed so trite, and quite frankly, very whack (I always roll my eyes at the uber positive, make love not war tweets). One of the main reasons I was so disgusted by the barrage of negative tweets, is that the girl tweeting them, is anything BUT a fashionista; and she has a slight body odor, that I haven't confirmed, but I'm pretty sure is hers, and not at all pleasant. One must ask the question, "If I am so disgusted by my surroundings, why am I still here?!"

With all of that being said, I guess this is a sign of growth. There was a time that I might be amused by something like that. I'm not saying that I don't notice AND sometimes twitpic foolishness I see on the street, but there was something malicious in the tone of these tweets. A kind of deflection. As if, you tweeting other people's foolishness, we won't notice yours. The moral of this story is that you have to bend down to pull somebody else's skirt up, and in the process, you end up showing your ass too.