Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The Truth: Ain't a Ceiling

You say life's been hard on you
Well brother I got news
It's hard on me too

We seem to face the same old issues
Some are just surface
Some deeper in the tissue

I know slavery has paid its part
Being separated
And subjugated
And that passes to the brain of our child
So I want to step off what was
And start with right now

You say the world just don't understand
But I aint the world, my love
I'm your woman

And I know how deep it really goes
Trying to tread on a dream
When the water feels low

And ooooh, if our ancestors can walk
Barefoot afraid in the dark
For miles and miles and miles and miles and miles and miles and miles
I know we can do this
Come on lets start

I wanna be real with you
I wanna get healed with you
I wanna grow up with you

I wanna be more for you
Be whats in store for you
Open the doors with you

To a truer healing
Can you imagine the feeling
The sky ain't a ceiling
At all